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Mass deactivate console user

 A user can be deleted from the console and all client accounts with just a few clicks.


  1. Log into your account, click Manage Console
  2. Hover over the gear icon, click My Staff
  3. Click on user's name
  4. Click Deactivate in console and all client accounts
  5. Click Ok


Things to know

  • Ensure that the user is not the only bank authorized user on any client accounts
  • Ensure that another firm user is listed as a user on all client accounts
  • Deactivation in all accounts may take a few minutes to complete
  • This action can not be automatically undone. If the user needs to be reactivated, they will need to be reactivated in each account manually.
  • Mass delete will only inactivate the user on accounts that are linked to the Console
  • The trash can icon will only inactivate/re-activate the user locally
  • Audit trail of user will show the user was inactivated by system