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Large Biller Vendor ePayment Setup

Large Billers can include water, power, cable, phone or electric companies. These businesses are often part of a Large Billers Directory. Matching to a vendor in this directory connects you immediately, allowing you to pay electronically.


To ensure your payment is coded to the correct account, the correct payment address (address on paper invoice) and your account number with the large biller will need to be on the vendor's record. 

  1. On the Vendors record, click Setup ePayments
  2. If finds the vendor in the large billers directory, select the correct match
  3. Review or enter the account number and confirm (Account Number is required).

The vendor will be able to receive epayments immediately at this point.
Payment Address and Pay To fields will be updated with the information from the directory - both now and when the vendor changes it in the future. These fields will not be editable.

Things to know

  • Why is an account number required?
    • The vendor needs your account number in order to apply the payment to the correct account.
  • What is the account number format?
    • Enter the account number exactly as shown in the bill (leaving out dashes and spaces). If you have more than 1 account number for the same vendor, add each account number as a separate vendor.


Some account numbers may not be supported by the vendor.You can contact the vendor to inquire about being provided a different account number that is supported within the large billers directory.